Progressive Slots And Everything You Need To Know

Progressive Slots And Everything You Need To Know

Through the years a number of online slots games were introduced to the masses. Many are the upgrade version of the classic slots. One of the most popular is the progressive slots. This guide to progressive jackpot slots will teach you everything you need to know about how to play for those prizes and what your chances are of winning a progressive jackpot. If you want to know more before you start playing for real money at pgslot auto, then read on.

The Progressive Slots

The growing jackpot is what sets progressive slots apart from the rest. In every spin, a percentage of the player’s bet goes toward the jackpot prize. A progressive jackpot increases in value as more players play the game. In progressive slots, it does not only take a portion of the players’ wagers placed on a single game but also from others. It is possible for a single slot game to accumulate all of the wagers from all of the other games on the site.

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Wagering Requirements

All progressive jackpot slots have a wagering or bet requirement to be eligible to win. In most cases, this is the maximum bet you can risk on a single spin.  Free spins and multipliers, if available, will not be forfeited if you do not meet the minimum wagering requirement. However, if you don’t attempt to win the greatest jackpot, you’re missing out on the point of playing it, and that is the massive payouts.


How To Trigger A Win?

Even though the chances of winning the progressive slot jackpot are pretty slim, it is still worth the try. In fact, many would prefer to spend their gaming money on progressive slots rather than play the smaller jackpots. So how do you trigger a win? Let’s go ahead and find out.

  • Matching Symbols. The traditional method of triggering the jackpot includes matching certain symbols on the reels. A 13-slot with one pay line, for example, would have the highest paying symbols lined up. Matching symbols could be the most prevalent way to trigger jackpots in older slot games. The wheel has evolved because it offers a thrill and suspense that matching or accumulating slot symbols cannot.
  • Jackpot Wheel. Using the jackpot wheel feature is one of the more fun ways to win a progressive slot prize. Several slots feature a central pointer, making up a jackpot wheel. When the wheel starts to slow down, the slot where the pointer falls pays out the winnings. Matching bonus symbols during the base game is frequently required to enter the jackpot wheel.
  • Start Collecting Symbols. Collecting a certain number of matching symbols is another way to earn a progressive jackpot payout. To do this, you normally play a mini-game with multiple objects. The symbols for the rewards are behind these objects. To win the game, you must collect three of these symbols.

If you visit a land-based or online casino site, you hope of winning the big prizes that are offered. There are many players who believe they have a great chance of winning big time if they only know how to get them.

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