Online casinos are becoming more popular across the globe. With plenty of casinos popping out everywhere, it is not easy to find a trusted online casino Malaysia. There are many online casino games people can enjoy to have fun. Most people prefer poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slots. Some are into more traditional games such as solitaire. The origins of this popular card game go way back to the 1800s. Today, many sites are offering several varieties of this old-school game.


This site offers free simple online solitaire. You can choose to have a casual game of the original version or try the Spider Solitaire variants in your browser. There is an option that lets you customize the game to turn one or three cards at once. You can also have the game display your running score so you can gauge your performance better. The site has a clean interface that is easy to use. The site also offers Sudoku and Mahjong games.

World of Solitaire

The powerful gameplay interface of World Solitaire provides customizations you cannot find in other free online solitaire games. There are more than a hundred and twenty-five variants you can play on this site. The A-Z game list includes Spider Solitaire, Yukon, Citadel, and a lot more. Another great feature of this site is the option to register. You can save your gameplay statistics and performance once done with the registration. It also lets you change the card deck theme and background. There are also various languages available. Registering also makes enabling and disabling the animations and UI tweaks possible.


People who enjoy variety will find Solitaired a perfect choice. With over five hundred variants, players can play plenty of different types of Solitaire games. FreeCell and Spider are among these. The interface is quite similar across all variants. You can see the timers and counters at the top and the card deck below. Switching from one to three-card flips is possible on this site. Players can also pause the timer for a quick break. Registering will let you save your gameplay so you can resume later. It will also provide you with an overview of your past gameplay performance.

Google Solitaire

To join the rising competition, Google introduced its Solitaire game and made it available for free. There are two modes of difficulty players can try. These are the easy and hard modes. The first mode offers a casual experience, while the latter is more of a challenge.

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