How does RTP affect bonuses in slots?

How does RTP affect bonuses in slots?

The return value of some games directly affects the bonuses. That is, the higher the RTP in online slots, the more often and the larger the winnings from bonus games, but this does not work with all Slot Gacor Hari ini machines. In some games, the return for the bonus is set higher than the return for the base game. Detailed information can be found in the rules of the game. It should also be borne in mind that for different countries a different rate of return to the player can be set.

There are games in which the probability of getting a bonus does not depend on the RTP but other factors. For example, from the amount of the bet, as in a few games is from Microgaming. The bonus in a few games from NetEnt also depends on the amount of the bet, although the mechanics there are slightly different, since you can activate from 1 to 3 rows, and at the same time the amount of rotation will decrease or increase. More rows – more chances to activate the bonus.

The biggest advantage is given by slot machines that have an RTP of 98% or higher. It will be a plus if you can determine the volatility. To do this, you can use the official website of the developer, but not all companies indicate volatility.

High volatility – rare but large payouts.

Low volatility – frequent low wins.

Average volatility – average payouts with an average drop frequency.

Volatility is the equivalent of risk. However, the more significant indicator is the RTP. If the return is high, the volatility can be anything. If you like getting bonuses, you should understand how it works in a particular game. So you can roughly understand how often bonuses can fall out. To quickly get to know the games that have high RTP and frequent bonuses, you can simply use the sorting of casino games “By Popularity”. As a rule, the most popular slots are in high demand precisely because of the high returns.

Previously, slot machines were installed in bars, casinos and clubs.  Now they have virtual analogues, which are called “online slots”. The work of online slots is based on the same principle, which has retained the rules of the game and the appearance of classic machines but displays symbols on the screen of your gadget.

You can play virtual slots on online casino sites; you no longer need to visit land-based establishments.  It is enough to register on the resource, select a game and click on the button to place a bet and start spinning the reels.  The result will determine the random number generator.

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