SIPTN Provisional Platform

Good Government Means State Sovereignty
The Founding Fathers clearly understood the danger of an over-powerful central government. The 1st, 2nd and 10th Amendments were written with this danger in mind. An ever-encroaching liberal-socialist federal establishment has degraded, weakened and diluted our individual liberties and constitutional state sovereignty to a dangerous degree. By all legal and electoral means, the SIP seeks the return of good government, the right of self determination, and the sovereignty of the southern states.

The Right to Bear Arms
The second amendment of the Constitution was not written, nor placed in such prominence within that document, in order to protect the rights of hunters and sportsmen. Jefferson made it very clear that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was, and is, to protect the freedoms of the people from an over-powerful and oppressive federal government. We will defend the right to keep and bear arms…no compromises, no exceptions.

Human Life
The constitution guarantees the right to life. Abortion is wrong on religious grounds, as well as upon moral and ethical grounds. Our society is coarsened and debased by the taking of innocent human life. How can we instill in our children respect for life, while our federal government sanctions this evil?

The graduated income tax is punitive, and based upon Marxist/Leninist economic theory. We support the abolition of federal income tax, in favor of a flat tax or state-based sales tax.

We believe that the Founders intended religion to be an integral part of our society. We support school prayer and the introduction of religious, ethical and moral standards in business, government and education.

Heritage and Culture
We will support and defend our southern culture and heritage against attack by bigoted liberal-socialist politically-correct hate groups, such as the NAACP, and against such racist hate mongers as Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

State Government
The government of the State of Tennessee has become a bloated bureaucratic drain on the assets and financial well being of the citizenry. We will oppose the Republican-backed introduction of a state income tax, in any form. Instead, we support, and will work for, a 10% reduction in the size of the state government, and a 5% reduction of property taxes and of the state sales tax.